Birth Pools

You will welcome the relief the water will provide, whether you’re choosing to birth your baby in the tub at home, or use for comfort in labor before you go to the hospital.

Birth Pools & Supplies

Passages pools are designed by a Canadian midwife, who has supported women through thousands of waterbirths. She has seen the benefits of birthing in water: the increased comfort of the mother, and the gentle entrance of the newborn into their new world.

Birth Pool Details-

Passages Birth Pool

  • Durable: each pool is made with ultra-durable eco-vinyl.
  • Comfortable: wide, inflated sides can support the weight of an adult, and the inflated floor is soft to kneel on. Far more comfortable and deep than a porcelain tub.
  • Clear bottom rings allow for midwives and caregivers to illuminate the water unobtrusively, for easier viewing. And AMAZING photos- ideal for birth photography.
  • Each pool measures approx. 58″ across and 24″ high.

Your birth tub & 4 week rental includes-

  • A Passages Disposable Birth Pool
  • Air pump to inflate the tub
  • Water pump to fill the tub
  • Filling hose
  • Hose Adapters
  • Instructions

A birth pool & supply rental cost is $150, pick up in Courtice, ON

A Passages birth pool may be purchased on it's own, with no supplies rental for $90.

Home drop off and pick up available at additional costs

Benefits of Labouring and/or Birthing in Water

  • Soothing, comfortable and and relaxing
  • Promotes more mobility
  • Reduces stress-related hormones
  • Supports deeper relaxation
  • May decrease the perception of pain
  • Facilitates the second stage of labour.
  • Eases the transition for baby from womb to outside world

Birth Tub rentals are available for Ajax, Pickering, Whitby, Oshawa, Bowmanville, Courtice, Brooklin, Cobourg, Port Hope and surrounding areas.

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