BEST DOULA EVER! Beth was so incredibly patient through the whole process, she made me feel that everything happening was okay and she really empowered me to make the right decisions for me. I love her gentle personality and approach. I felt accepted by her and in the end I had exactly the hypnobirth I was hoping for. I am forever changed by the experience and thankful that Beth was there!! L.G.- Whitby

I met Beth through the Hypnobirthing class and later on hired her to be our doula. She was awesome... Helped us through the whole birthing experience of our son and could not have done it without her support. Thanks Beth you are awesome!! P.F.- Bowmanville

Thank you from J, A & I for the successful and wonderful birth of our daughter. Despite a stressful, surprising and challenging week of induction and c section for medical reasons in a high risk pregnancy, your knowledge and support helped keep us sane and enjoy the process! Your support helped J do skin to skin contact while mom was still in surgery and get our precious baby off on the right foot. Assistance with breastfeeding (while I was drugged) made us feel comfortable starting our journey with feeding. We sincerely appreciate the phone calls, texts, caring and compassion you provided leading up to, during and after the birth of our beloved daughter. I am sure your assistance also helped us leave the hospital almost a full day early as well. We could not have done it without you Beth!! C.L.- Bowmanville

I first met Beth as our HynoBirthing® instructor and immediately loved her calm and gentle approach. I feel incredibly blessed that she also became our doula. Beth worked with my husband and I on our birthing plan, supported all of our thoughts and ideas and offered suggestions or advice based on her experience. After my waters released and labour did not begin, I faced an induction. Beth and I talked over the phone thoughout that day and she helped me with many suggestions to start labour naturally. Through it all, Beth was always there to support my thoughts and feelings while gently offering suggestions or ideas.
I truly felt safe in her presence as a laboring mother. Beth helped to show my husband how to better support me during surges and when things got intense he didn’t feel lost and alone helping me through something he could never fully understand. As the midwives took care of everything clinical, Beth was the one right by my side helping me find comfortable positions, giving me someone to lean on, rubbing my back. I was so concentrated, but I noticed my husband picking up on her cues and he was able to be there for me in a meaningful way. They worked together to help me through most intense parts of childbirth and we were able to have a beautiful and natural homebirth. I felt safe and supported. After birth, Beth stayed with me and brought me a snack. She filled our freezer with iced pads for recovery and left after I was comfortable. She checked in on us the next day with a phone call and came for a visit the following week. I could never put a value on having a doula throughout labour and delivery. It meant the feeling of safety even through the scary moments, constant emotional support, physical support, or something as simple as a reminder to breathe. Beth not only embodies all of this in her work, but she brings an incredible amount of love to it. - K.C.- Pickering

We were honored and blessed to have Beth be a part of our homebirth experience! Not only did she support our wishes for a gentle HypnoBirthing® experience for our son, she offered a loving and nurturing approach to our birthing experience! Beth is truly a gem who not only offered our family a wealth of knowledge, and wisdom, but a gentle and calming approach as well! A perfect first time experience (especially in the wee hours of the morning!!) Many thanks Beth for being a guardian angel for our son! - D.P.- Oshawa

We are so grateful to have had Beth as our Birth Doula. We hired Beth as our HypnoBirthing® instructor for private in home classes. We fell in love with her right away and knew that we wanted her attending our birth. She’s such a calm and easy going women with so much knowledge to offer regarding pregnancy and birth. She truly went above and beyond what she needed to as our Doula. Beth even offered breastfeeding support after my baby was born as well as helpful information and literature to help us to succeed. It was my first birth and after getting to know her I knew that I would be much more relaxed if she were there to support my husband & I. Boy were we right! I couldn’t have imagined my birth experience without her. Right from the start we knew we could trust her. I was so grateful to have her support & guidance. We were aiming for a home birth with no medication, and Beth was fantastic at offering different ways to help through the stages of labor at home. Even postpartum we still keep in touch and she has helped me so much. I truly consider her a part of our family now! - M.W.- Ajax

We couldn’t be any happier with our birth experience and are so grateful Beth was there to share it with us! She was such a support and resource to me and my husband and knew exactly what to do and how to help us navigate each phase. We met Beth as the instructor of our HypnoBirthing® class. It was during these classes that we became confident that she was the right doula for us as her easy-going, supportive and knowledgeable nature shone through. We wanted a natural childbirth and were getting a lot of pressure to induce as we approached the 42nd week of pregnancy. Beth was very helpful in suggesting various ways of bringing about labour naturally. While labouring at home, Beth provided the confident and relaxing presence that my husband and I needed at the time. She helped by massaging my back and suggesting positions to handle the discomfort during labour amongst other things. In the hospital, she helped me work through transition and helped me feel confident in my ability to give birth without pain medication. I loved the way that she and my husband worked together to support me! Both my husband and I agree that a female support person during labour is necessary and should not be underestimated. In particular Beth was exceptional and easily worth twice what we paid for her services. We really could not have done it without her. We felt very comfortable sharing our daughter’s birth with Beth and were so happy that she was there to help us through every moment! S.M. - Ajax




Amazing classes from an amazing lady! I went to Beth when pregnant with my second as I wanted to learn to relax and stay in control during labour! Her calming voice at each class really help in teaching me to relax and prepared me for child brith. I re-read my book and listened to the CDs while pregnant with my third, and have had two amazing births thanks to Beth! Cannot wait to birth this fourth one :)! Thanks so much Beth! I recommend you to everyone I know who is expecting! M.P.- Whitby

We were able to have an amazing birthing experience using the techniques Beth taught us in her Hypnobirthing class. We will definitely be using these techniques again with our next baby. Thank you soooooo much Beth! B.A. - Port Perry

I laboured for only 3.5 hours completely natural....It was so supernatural! I can't believe it! Thanks so much for everything!!! You have absolutely  helped change my life, A's and the baby's and our whole outlook on birth and life itself!...I truly believe that learning from you how birthing was meant to be changed everything! A.A - Oshawa

R and I wanted to thank you for adding to the amazing birth of our daughter H. When we first joined the HypnoBirthing® class, I was so nervous about being able to have an enjoyable birth. Our experiences in the past were intense and chaotic. When we met you, we felt so at ease and comfortable. The group we took the class with was like-minded and we enjoyed that as well.  We loved everythings, the classes helps with relaxing me in birth, making it easy for my body and baby to do exactly what it needed to in order to be smooth and virtually pain free.  My labour was only 4 hours and 20 minutes, I believe that being so relaxed and aware of my body and baby had everything to do with my beautiful experience. The breathing techniques that HypnoBirthing taught me were perfect. The class was also very informative about my rights as a parent, and many more ibts of important information that really changed the way I viewed the amazing body of a pregnant woman and her body. Thank you so much Beth! - P.M. - Cobourg

Thank you again for all of your help and great advice. I believe that HypnoBirthing® initiated and helped me to succeed at keeping with my plan to have a gentle and drug fee birthing experience.  can say wth complete honesty that I loved giving birth to my baby girl. Thank you Beth for helping me to enhance the most important and memorable experience of my life!- M.M.- Markham

Thank again for your amazing class and for the wonderful reassurance when I needed it most. I was so happy to have such a beautiful birth experience and it wouldn't have been possible without your classes. M.W. - Bowmanville

R is a wonderful baby and rarely cries. At 12 weeks he is still very content and I believe it did have to do with the teachings in class and all your advice. His birth was calm.......... my mom still says she has never seen a woman in labour so calm. Thanks for that! M.B. - Courtice


Birthing Tubs

While in your HypnoBirthing® class, we were excited to learn you also offered birth tubs for rent, it was something we were both interested in. We had no trouble setting up the pool and found it quite roomy for both of us. Having R in the pool was one of my favourtie parts of labour, it was quite a bonding experience for both of us. I would recommend a combination of HypnoBirthing® and a birthing pool to anyone I know who is pregnant! - P.M. - Cobourg


Placenta Encapsulation

Dearest Beth-I want to thank you so much for your placenta encapsulation service.  After having my second child and suffering from postpartum depression, I wanted more than anything to have more children, but couldn't ever imagine feeling the way I did postpartum, ever again!
The joy of getting pregnant with my third was overshadowed by intense worry of what could be in store postpartum. Your service of placenta encapsulation gave me so much hope!
That hope became a reality of joy and success! E is 2 months old and I couldn't imagine feeling any better emotionally! I truly believe my placenta pills played a huge role in stabilizing my hormones and energy levels, making the transition from 2-3 so enjoyable and such a blessing! Thank you for doing what you do in providing such a unique, quality, important service!So grateful,  A.A. - Whitby